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Located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, and less than a three hour drive north of Sydney, Pacific Palms boasts sparkling white beaches, clear blue water, three spectacular lakes, vast areas of state and national parks, subtropical rainforests and some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery found in Australia. The Palms is the perfect holiday destination.

Pacific Palms Holidays, an arm of Pacific Palms Real Estate, has access to some of the best houses along the coast. We have holiday options from casual budget, to total luxury to secluded retreats from Seal Rocks, to Smiths Lake, Blueys Beach through to Green Point and surrounding areas. You can choose from beachfront or tucked away in a forest, units, apartments, villas and pet-friendly accommodation and stay for a night, a weekend or longer.

No matter what time of the year you come to visit, Pacific Palms has something special to offer. 

Looking for the perfect #winter escape?

Embrace the unique charm of an Australian winter by cosying up at one of our holiday rentals, thoughtfully equipped with fireplaces or outdoor firepits, ensuring warmth and comfort as you relish the beauty of the season.

We have a great range of properties available. Don’t miss out on a cosy beachside break. Check out the availability chart below to see which properties are available over which dates.


Find the perfect accommodation in Pacific Palms

Why visit the Pacific Palms?

Here are some reasons why you might want to visit:

  • Stunning Beaches: Pacific Palms is known for its pristine beaches, including Blueys Beach, Boomerang Beach, and Elizabeth Beach, which are great for surfing, swimming, and relaxing.
  • Outdoor Activities: The area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for surfing, fishing, boating, kayaking, bushwalking, and birdwatching.
  • Scenic Drives: Take a scenic drive along the Lakes Way, which offers stunning views of Wallis Lake, Myall Lake, and the surrounding national parks.
  • National Parks: Pacific Palms is surrounded by several national parks, including Myall Lakes National Park, Booti Booti National Park, and Wallingat National Park, all of which offer great hiking trails and scenic viewpoints.
  • Wildlife: The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, dolphins, whales, and numerous bird species.
  • Relaxation: If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, Pacific Palms is the perfect place to unwind and relax. With its stunning natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, you’ll feel your stress melt away in no time.

Explore Pacific Palms

Named after the cabbage tree palms, Pacific Palms is an area of supreme natural beauty. This idyllic destination is renowned for its pristine beaches, emerald-hued forests, and a serene ambiance that beckons travelers seeking respite from the bustling world. Framed by towering palms swaying in the gentle sea breeze, Pacific Palms offers a tranquil escape where one can indulge in a myriad of outdoor activities, from surfing on the rolling waves to exploring hiking trails that meander through ancient woodlands. The local community exudes a warm and welcoming vibe, reflecting a harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment. Whether it’s the stunning vistas of sunrise over the horizon or the soothing lullaby of waves crashing against the shore, Pacific Palms is a symphony of natural wonders that captivates the senses and rejuvenates the soul.

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