The best time of year to holiday in the Palms

When to visit Pacific Palms

Image courtesy of Destination NSW. Family enjoying a walk along Blueys Beach.

The good news – the weather is pretty fabulous all year!

If you’re headed to Pacific Palms on the stunning NSW mid-north coast, get ready for some seriously awesome weather. This place is like a paradise for sun-seekers and beach lovers. Generally, you can expect a pretty good deal when it comes to the weather. Summers are all about those glorious beach days – we’re talking blue skies, warm temps, and refreshing ocean breezes. You can practically live in your swimsuit, and don’t forget that sunscreen!

As for the other seasons, things stay relatively mild and pleasant. Autumn throws in a mix of comfortable temperatures and a bit less humidity, so it’s perfect for exploring the surrounding areas and going for those scenic hikes. Winter might bring a slight chill, but it’s nothing too extreme. You can still enjoy leisurely walks on the beach and maybe even catch some migrating whales if you’re lucky. Spring marks the return of warmer vibes and blossoming nature – a great time to capture some Instagram-worthy shots of the vibrant flora.

Average weather temperatures

Summer (December to February)271819
Autumn (March to May)24.513.519.5
Winter (June to August)208.518
Spring (September to November)241318