Best Lookouts along the Barrington Coast

Uncover breathtaking views along the Barrington Coast

Stretching across 10,053 km² on the lower mid-north coast of New South Wales, just two hours north of Sydney, lies the breathtaking Barrington Coast. This stunning region, which includes the world heritage Barrington Tops and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean, offers some of the most spectacular vantage points to soak in its natural beauty. Whether you’re after a bird’s-eye view over lush treetops or panoramic ocean views where you might spot a majestic whale, the Barrington Coast has lookouts that will leave you in awe.

Starting from Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest, then heading north through Pacific Palms, up to Crowdy Head and even a secret spot in the Barrington Tops! We’ve got the best views covered.

Yacaaba Headland – Hawks Nest

Ready for a thrilling hike with a stunning payoff? Lace up your hiking boots and tackle the Yacaaba Headland. This adventurous track winds seven kilometres up to a forested ridgetop, where you’ll be greeted with panoramic views over Seal Rocks and Tomaree Headland. The trek is challenging, but the breathtaking scenery at the top makes every step worthwhile.

Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse – Seal Rocks

Perched on a headland overlooking the enchanting Seal Rocks, Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse is a prime spot for spotting whales, dolphins, seabirds, and more. The adventure begins with an easy 1.8km trail from the southern end of Boat Beach Seal Rocks. As you approach the lighthouse, get ready for a steep but rewarding final climb – the views from the top are simply unforgettable.

Image courtesy of Destination NSW. Long view of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Seal Rocks, Great Lakes, North Coast NSW

Booti Hill Pacific Palms

Tackle the Booti Hill Walking Track and be rewarded with a track right on the edge of the headland and views through lush eucalypts and rainforest to the Pacific Ocean. Wind your way high above the rugged coastline from either Elizabeth Beach or the Ruins Campground – the track is an 8km look so it doesn’t matter which side you start from. Pack a picnic lunch and stop along the way to see if you can spy any fins flapping out in the blue.

Bennetts Head Lookout Forster

When you holiday in Forster, Bennetts Head is a must-visit for whale watchers. This incredible lookout on the rocky headlands offers stunning views of the southern break walls, including The Tanks, Pebbly Beach, and Forster Tuncurry. To the north, Cape Hawke and One Mile Beach stretch out before you. Don’t miss the charming coastal walk down to One Mile Beach – it’s a delightful journey with views that will take your breath away.

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Cape Hawke Lookout Forster

Located just five minutes from the centre of Forster, Cape Hawke Lookout provides stunning 360-degree coastal views from the top of a dedicated tower, making it an ideal spot for whale watching. The lookout is located in the northern end of Booti Booti National Park, and the tower rises 8.4 meters high, giving you easy clearance over the treetops to the ocean. To reach the tower it’s a short 500 walk through rainforest. Having scaled the stairs (this is a great idea for a sunrise adventure) you’ll see far off into the horizon, and whilst year round it’s great for birdwatching, it’s the annual whale migration in the cooler months where you really get the most incredible sites. Whales break the surface of the sea, blowing water, and frolicking when they head both north for the winter months and when they’re coming back down in the spring.

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Crowdy Head Lighthouse

Standing proudly on the headland since 1879, Crowdy Head Lighthouse offers sweeping views that will transport you back in time. To the north, gaze beyond Diamond Head and the Three Brothers Mountains; to the south, take in the distant vistas of Seal Rocks. This historic lighthouse is also a fantastic spot for whale watching during migration season, from May to July and again from August to October.

Careys Peak Lookout – Barrington Tops, Upper Allyn

For the highest and most exhilarating vantage point on the Barrington Coast, head to Careys Peak. At 1545 metres above sea level, you’ll feel like you’re soaring as you take in the rugged gorges and towering mountains of Barrington Tops National Park. The adventure begins with a hike along the Careys Peak walking track. Along the way, you’ll find other scenic trails and picturesque picnic spots that make for a perfect day out.

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BONUS: Check out these additional spots for the best whale watching

Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Don’t forget these hidden gem’s for extra special views and sightings of whales.

  • Boomerang Point Lookout
  • One Mile Beach Sand Dune in Forster
  • Tuncurry Beach Viewing Platform
  • Blackhead Viewing Platform
  • Diamond Head Loop Track
Image courtesy of Destination NSW. Sunrise over Bennetts Head Lookout at the northern end of One Mile Beach, Forster.

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