Add Guestbook to your Phone

Add Guide to home screen

When you first open this digital guidebook on your mobile phone a message will appear to prompt you to add the guide to your phone’s home screen. Whilst you can continue to use your guidebook as a webpage it is preferable to add the guide to your phone. The reason we recommend doing this is because it makes the guide faster and easier to access. And, because it is a Progressive Web Application it will still be available offline if/when your phone loses connection to the mobile network.

Once it’s added to your phone, it behaves just like any other app, but without the need to download anything from an App Store.

This article gives an overview of PWA apps and their compatibility with the main operating systems and web browsers.

Always the latest version

When any information about your stay changes it is updated in the guide. To ensure that you have the latest version all you need to do is to simply refresh the app.

Android Users
There are many different manufacturers of mobile phone handsets running different versions of the Android operating system using any one of the different web browsers. It is a known limitation of the Chrome browser that on some handset / operating system combinations only one PWA application can be added to the home screen. If this is the case for your Android phone then we recommend to use the Microsoft Edge browser. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

iPhone Users
On iPhones and iPads you need to first open the Share options menu (the Share icon is the square with the upwards arrow at the bottom of your screen). Then, find the “Add to Home Screen” action. Select this action, click “Add”, and the guide will be added to your home screen.

Note that you must use Safari – iOS actively blocks any other browser from accessing the “Add to Home Screen” functionality. Also note that if you open the link within another app’s web preview mode, such as from Gmail, then the “Add to Home Screen” option won’t be available.

Share guide with your group
The guide can be used by everyone who is booked for the stay. To access the guide, enter the last name of the person who booked along with the PIN provided in you confirmation email.
This means that when you want to access the guide, you’ll only need to tap the app instead of searching for the link in your inbox – much easier!