About Us

The Palms is more than a destination – It’s a way of life

Welcome to Pacific Palms – that secret place on the coast. Locally known as The Palms, the region is one of nature’s greatest seaside creations in the heart of the Great Lakes on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We have sparkling white beaches, three spectacular lakes, and green subtropical rain forests with tracks, trails, and experiences to tempt you outside. The Palms has some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery to be found in Australia and it is yours to discover.

No matter what time of the year you come to visit, The Palms has something special to offer. Beautiful homes in which to stay, combined with crystal clear water, stunning quiet beaches, blue skies, rain forest walks and sumptuous food experiences.

There are also plenty of outdoor active adventures to be found. Walking or riding our trails will get you into hidden spots, secret lakeside beaches, or stunning lookouts. The surfing is world-class. Paddling glassy lakes at sunrise will give you photo’s you will want to hang on your wall, and when the whales are cruising past – well the scenes are breathtaking.

Discover why The Palms is the perfect destination. Switch off, relax, slow down, connect with nature, reconnect with yourself and discover The Palms’ way of life… the gateway to Blueys Beach, Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach, Smiths Lake, Seal Rocks and much more.

Supporting our Local Community

Here are some of the local community organisations, teams and charities we proudly sponsor.

Australian Women and Children’s Research Foundation ..   New PPFC logo DE.png